Groupe Aguirrebarrena

Founded by Mr. José AGUIRREBARRENA about twenty years ago, we are an important company in the wild yellow&silver Eel and glass eels fishing business. We sales wild eel, glass eels, wild salmon, shrimp, lamprey and shad … These products from a local artisanal fishery are marketed via the Saint-Vincent-de-Tyrosse site (40) and Fronsac (33).

Today, AGUIRREBARRENA Company is :


  • 10 sites exclusively dedicated to fishmongers
  • More than twenty-five employees for purchases, preparation, sale and delivery
  • A fishmonger network on the Spanish territory under the brand ANGULAS IBAIGUNE

  • A European customer network served by AGUIRREBARRENA

  • A French buying, selling and distribution network

Present on the French Mediterranean facade we carry out eel trading. On the Atlantic coast, the work is centralized around the season of glass eels fisherie, network in which we are recognized for our seriousness and professionalism. From our experience, we have acquired a great knowledge of the European eel. In close collaboration with the fishermen and actors of the sector we are constantly experimenting with new fishing’s method, whether with modern fishing technique, transport or storage. Our goal is quality fish.

We monitor and observe with caution the variations in the fisheries through the quotas but also by our vision of the ground. Indeed, the work carried out throughout the year on the eel, whether it is eel, yellow or silver, and this throughout the French territory, informs us of the overall evolution of the Eel stock in France.

On this point, we are evolving in a concern for transparency and traceability by communicating every month our declarations of eel purchases and daily for glass eels.