Glass eels Restocking

1,560,000 glass eels for Friesland

Once again this year, the AGUIRREBARRENA group ( contributed to a sustainable recovery of the eel stocks in the Netherlands by delivering 1,560,000 glass eels to DUPAN Foundation.
This year the restocking took place in Friesland, a province of the Netherlands located in the northern part of the country.
The experience of the AGUIRREBARRENA group in the transport made it possible to deliver glass eels to their destination in excellent condition. Glass eels were packed in approx. 340 styro boxes (see pictures) and carried out in refrigerated truck to the final destination.

The DUPAN foundation purpose is to achieve the recovery of the European eel. It undertakes activities that contribute to a sustainable recovery of the eel stocks in the Dutch and European inland waterways. In addition, DUPAN is working on sustainable solutions for the catch and farming of eel, for environmental and animal-friendly processing, and is stimulating scientific research for eels. Find more info at

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